Daily activities include:

-Sensory exploration

-Story times


-Art (painting with brushes, sponges, fingers etc.; coloring, tearing and pasting and more)

-Circle times which include songs, stories, and beginning color-, shape-, number- and letter-recognition,

-Lots of large motor activities both inside and outside.

-Our large outdoor play area is well-equipped with slides, climbers, tunnels, riding toys, sand toys, swings, and lots of shade for those hot summer days. 

Milestones your child will accomplish during their time in our toddler program:

-Saying good-bye to pacifiers and bottles

-Experiencing a wide-range of fabulous and healthy foods

-Making the transition from diapers to “big kid pants”.

-We know this can be a tough one, so click here if you’d like some tips from the makers of Pull-Ups®

Our toddler rooms are full of FUN and exciting learning experiences. Your toddler, from age 1 (and walking steadily and eating table food) to age 3 (and “potty-trained”), will enjoy a wide variety of activities.

These activities increase self-confidence as your toddler learns that “I can do it!”.

Toddlers are also learning about the world around them through activities we plan for them as well as through their own serendipitous discoveries.

At Children’s Haven we use disposable diapers. We provide sanitary diapering areas and use latex gloves for diaper changes.