Milestones your baby will accomplish in our infant nursery:

-Eating semi-solid and solid foods

-Holding his/her own bottle and later a cup

-Rolling over, sitting up, creeping, crawling, standing, walking

-Much more!

In our infant nursery we work in partnership with you, the parents or guardians, to meet the needs and encourage the healthy development of each infant on an individual basis.

All of this growing and learning takes place in a nurturing, loving environment. Infants’ needs are met on demand according to each individual infant’s personal schedule. Their basic physical needs are met and recorded for you in writing every day. Babies are cuddled, rocked, sung to, talked to and played with while they are with us.

We encourage you to call or drop by during the day to check on your baby.
You are welcome anytime!

Breastfeeding moms are encouraged to continue breastfeeding after placing their baby in our care. Please call us for more information and tips on how to make the transition to day care easier for both you and your baby.

At Children’s Haven we use disposable diapers. We provide sanitary diapering areas and use latex gloves for diaper changes.

Infants move to our toddler room when they are walking steadily, eating table food with little assistance, and at least 12 months of age.

 A choice of two formulas and numerous baby foods are provided to all infants in the center unless otherwise stated by the parents.