Qualistar Rating

                     Children’s Haven Featured In Qualistar Video!


Children’s Haven Child Care Center is a Qualistar Rated Program.

Qualistar objectively measures the quality of an “early childhood education program” such as
Children’s Haven.  Through the rating process, points are earned based on the following criteria.

1.      The quality of the learning environment
2.      The program’s family partnerships
3.      The training and education of program staff
4.      The adult-to-child ratio and group size in classrooms
5.      Whether a program is nationally accredited

The rating process is approximately a three year process and requires rating each year.  CHCCC has completed the three year process.  Centers that attain a rating are considered excellent in their industry. We proudly display our rating in our entry. Children’s Haven is proud to have been awarded a Qualistar rating that places us in the top echelon of our industry.